Friday, January 5, 2018

Replace Smoke Alarm Battery

As standard safety, there are several smoke detectors installed through out the house. And for the new standard, all the smoke detectors in the house are wired together to intercommunicate. This type of wiring allow all the alarms go off if one of them goes off.
This is good because if smoke is detected down stairs in the kitchen, it can be heard in the bedrooms upstairs.
However, this come with a little bit of problem. If one of the alarm is not working or chirping low battery, all of the others smoke detectors in the house chirp.

For years, every time I hear chirping, I replaced all the batteries for all smoke detectors in the house. Most of the time, the chirping all go away after I replaced them.

However, a few weeks ago, after I replaced all the batteries, the chirping still exists. I pressed the test button on each of the detectors and they all beep.
Out of frustration, I took all the smoke detectors out from the ceiling.

To remove, just follow the instruction. For the one I had, I just turn it counterclockwise and it will drop down as the picture above.
After that, just unplugged the wiring connector from the unit.

Now I pressed the test button on each of the unit to test which one is having problem.
Turn out one of the battery I replaced was having problem. And after replaced the battery, put all the smoke detectors, they are all working now. No more chirping.

Hope this would help you with smoke detector chirping problem in the future.

As always, thanks for reading this post.

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