Monday, November 13, 2017

Replacing Food Disposer Garbage Disposer

As a home owner, after a few years, you may find that the food disposer in your kitchen sink stop working.
There are many reason that a food disposer can fail to work. The most common reason I noticed over the years was the corrosion inside the food disposer cause the water to leak to the motor and or electronic compartment below.

Replacing a food disposer is a simple DIY projects that I feel anyone can do within a few hours to save money.

The first step is to remove the old disposer.
For safety reason, unplugged the disposer from the wall outlet under the sink.

Remove the drain hose from the washer from the dishwasher to the disposer.

 Next remove the 2 nut from the disposer to the drain pipe.

Loosen the pipe connection and wiggle the pipe from the disposer.

Next, use the wrench that come with the new disposer or the old one to open the disposer.
Turn counter clock wise (if you look up from below) will normally unlock the disposer.
Note: you may want to have small block below or make sure you hold the bottom of the disposer to avoid dropping it.

Now take a look at the new disposer.

 On the side, it will be the hole for dishwasher drain connection. You don't have to do this step if you don't have a dishwasher.
If you do, use a screwdriver or in my case, I use the ratchet to pop the nut out.
(Refer to your new disposer instruction for more information)

This is the nut that got removed from the step above. I just throw it away.

Now turn over the old disposer.
I reuse the power cord from the old disposer.

 Open the cover, there're connector nut, just remove it so I can have the power cord.

Now onto the new disposer.
I just connect the power cord to the black and white cord, and green cord for ground to the new disposer. Don't worry about which wire to black which to white. Just making sure green is ground and connect to the nut below the new disposer.

From this step on, it just the reverse steps of removing the old disposer I did earlier.

Tighten the 2 screw that connect the disposer to the drainage pipe.

Tighten all the connectors.

As with all DIY project, please consult professional if you are not sure with any procedure.
I hope you enjoy this post and hope it will help you more confident replacing your disposer save some money.

As always, thanks for reading.

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